When Color Came Back

Here’s a piece that I did at a painting party and I was actually planning ideas ahead of FullSizeRender 3.jpgtime. I knew that we had limited time to paint and that if I didn’t have an idea, I’d be spending half the time thinking about a good idea. The rest of the time would be spent scraping that idea and just making something I saw online because that original idea I thought of would take a lot more time. Is this just me? Maybe…

That aside, I was looking for contrast in the piece. The girl is painted in black and white, but right on top is a layer of paint that’s all different colors that’s splattered and smudged randomly. I wasn’t sure what I call this piece, but I think it’s fitting because the mood is much more relaxing, but the colors make it bright and happy.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Did you know that after it’s cooked, a blue lobster turns red? In fact, lobsters will always turn red when cooked no matter what color they were when they were alive.


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