My Moodboard

I’m currently doing the Creative Market “How to become a better designer in 30 days: the challenge” and day 5 is exactly what this project is–my moodboard. I’ve wanted to make a moodboard for a while, but I’ve been putting it off and since I’m doing this challenge, I might as well just do it.

Because “Moodboard” was such a broad term, it took me a (very long) 30 minutes to think of what to put on my moodboard. I was pretty annoyed after half an hour’s worth of thinking only to realize that all I had to do was find pictures of things that I like/enjoy doing. I also asked some friends what reminded them of me so I had a second opinion.

As you can see, most of my moodboard consists of animals, food, and hobbies along with the occasional picture that would be considered “Tumblr” I also added my favorite quote in there by Dr. Seuss (which is also makes an appearance on my “About Me” page).

Oh yeah, while I was typing up the description for this project, “Moodboard” kept autocorrecting to “Moodpboard” and I’m a little concerned for my computer.

Did you know that a parsec (pc) is the longest unit of measure? A parsec is an equal to about 3.26 light-years (31 trillion kilometers or 19 trillion miles).

My Moodboard.jpg

Sites Used:

~Niice ( To make my moodboard

~Pixabay ( To find the images used


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