February Calendar Page

Here’s a freebies for you guys! I know, a February 2018 calendar page in July is strange, but it’s for a Creative Market 30 day challenge where the task is to make a calendar page for your birth month. I’m born in February, which is quite far away from now, but I’d like to use it in the future for my desktop, so I made it for 2018.

Just drag and drop the image onto your desktop and you can use it as you desktop screensaver. I tested out on my laptop and it works perfectly!

February Calendar Page.jpg

Did you know that the name “salt water taffy” came to be when candy store owner David Bradley’s shop was flooded in 1883 by a major storm? It turns out that his entire stock of taffy was soaked in saltwater and from then on, he called it “salt water taffy whenever customers asked for taffy.

Made with:

https://creativemarket.com/blog/find-your-design-style-challenge (day 7)



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