Nail Polish Marbling

Hey everyone! To those who love marbled patterns, here’s a post you’ll definitely want to read! For a Creative Market 30 day challenge, day 21 was to find alternative uses for ordinary household items. I remembered that I’ve watched YouTube videos where nail artist would do water marbling for their nails. I haven’t used some of my nail polish in months, even years, so I thought maybe it would be good to put it to use for once. So if nail polish can be used for marbling nails, why not other things?

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Faux Calligraphy

For those who don’t have the fancy pens and other equipment for proper calligraphy, or
for those who just want to try this form of lettering, here’s a super easy mini tutorial on faux calligraphy!

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Lateral Thinking

Today, I’ll be “killing two birds with one stone” in the Creative Market Challenge. Day 9: learn about lateral thinking (which I didn’t get around to yet) and day 28: write and article. Here’s my article about lateral thinking that shouldn’t be too long like my other posts.

To start off, I’ll just give the simple definitions of lateral thinking and its counterpart, critical thinking. I could probably give you a fancy definition I found from Google, but it’s easier for me to remember critical thinking as more left-brained thinking (analysing scenarios with logic) and lateral thinking as more right-brained thinking (taking a new, unusual, and/or creative approach to solving problems).

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Great Graphic Design Videos

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For day 13 of the Creative Market Challenge, I was supposed to take an online course. However, I’m on a budget and so turned to YouTube instead. Turns out, there are actually some pretty good videos there. Here are the videos I watched that I highly recommend, especially for beginners like me:

The Ultimate Guide to Great Presentations

Ah, presentations. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of doing them, but since I’m still in school (I’ll be starting again in August at least), I still have to do them. Maybe you don’t like them, but here’s how to at least keep your audience awake and get a good grade.  Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Great Presentations”

What is Copyrighting?

I mentioned in my first project that I’m doing the CreativeMarket Challenge that helps you become a better designer. Today is Day 11: Learn Copyrighting. I found that simply knowing the basics of copyrighting can really set apart your work and if you’re hoping to advertise something–be it an idea, product, or business, knowing the foundations of copyrighting will take your far.  Continue reading “What is Copyrighting?”